Free your voice!

Discovering our own voice is, for amateur as well as for professional singers, a personal challenge that is reflected in different aspects of our life.

The advances in the field of medicine during the last 40 years have made it possible to demystify old beliefs about the handling of our voice and to confirm or revalidate many others, based in intuitive, empirical and artistic knowledge.

This is why today both the traditional and the so called functional techniques (based on scientific knowledge) coexist.

Gabriela Labanda makes use of both currents to create a good contact with the voice and, especially, to develop in each singer the necessary perception to establish that contact.

A singer – especially a professional one, who is faced with the challenge of developing a steady sound emission – cannot take the risk of leaving things to chance.

Having the necessary tools to handle the voice, allows a singer to find a balance between vocal health and aesthetic freedom, to discover his own resources, gain confidence and reduce performance anxiety.

Gesangsatelier offers:

  • Handling of structures related to the different vocal qualities.
  • Systematic approach to the vocal function in order to gain stability in the emission.
  • Advice in repertoire choice.
  • Guidance in the development of the singer’s personality and career (vocal and repertoire aesthetics, career planning)
  • Audition training.